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Cure By Design

Therapeutic Oil Blends

Rs. 534.00

Cure By Design’s range of Therapeutic Body Massage Oils is made from pure essential oils of the best quality. They are natural essences and not synthetic.

Our aroma oils have been specially blended to help bring balance into your life and heal your body, mind, and soul. When infused with the perfect Carrier Oil (Hemp Seed Oil), which is well known to have amazing skin benefits, the combination is sensational.

Our blends are made after intense study and research to give you a blend to combat our claims.

Healing through the power of smell is not a new holistic remedy, it has been used by our ancestors for decades.

When used on a regular basis, especially in combination with diet, yoga, and affirmations, you will see phenomenal benefits.

Net content : 30ml

Therapeutic Oil Blends

Rs. 534.00