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Bili Hu

Bili Hu - Single Estate Coffee - Balur Estate

Rs. 428.50

Bili Hu Single Estate Coffee range

Pack Size - 200 gms

Passed on by the Britishers and now run by the third generation of coffee planters, this 250-acre plantation is known to farm absolutely naturally.

It's a self-sustaining farm with no external fertilizers or pesticides used to grow yield. They also grow nutmeg, cacao, citrus fruits, and jackfruit at the plantation.

They also have a lake within the plantation that suffices the requirement of water for the entire plantation.

The crops are independent of external fertilizers or pesticides. This helps provide the right nutrition to the plant and in turn the coffee cherry.

Balur Estate is a 400-acre coffee plantation in Chikmagalur, Karnataka which practices multi-crop agriculture growing cacao and nutmeg with coffee crops.

It has notes of chocolate with a sweet aftertaste and the cup upon brewing bears medium acidity and medium body.

Tasting Notes:

Whole BeansRed Wine, Grapes, Citrus Berries, Chocolate, Medium acidity, Full body

French PressApple, Toast, Citrus, Medium acidity, Full body

Drip FilterBlack Current Ice cream, Medium acidity, Full body

Moka Pot / PercolatorFresh Orange, Peanuts, Citrus, Low acidity, Full body

EspressoBlack Grapes, Toffee, Medium acidity, Full body

Aeropress Red Wine, Grapes, Citrus, Medium acidity, Medium body

Bili Hu - Single Estate Coffee - Balur Estate

Rs. 428.50