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Bili Hu

Bili Hu Single Estate Coffee - Aghora Estate

Rs. 428.50

Bili Hu Single Estate Coffee range

Pack size - 200 gms

Aghora estate is situated on the peak of an eastern-facing hill, in Chikmagalur, Karnataka. It's a farmer-certified organic plot of 20 acres amidst a 350-acre plantation.

The plantation borders the Bhadra forest reserve, situated in western ghats, known to be among the world's top biodiversity hotspots.

They have always encouraged wildlife at the plantation thereby encouraging biodiversity to thrive.

They use IMO certified organic manure and farmyard manure. Along with coffee, they also grow areca nut, cardamom, white and black pepper.

Whole BeansPeanut Butter, Dried Raisins, Medium acidity, full body 

French PressDates, Roasted Peanuts, Medium acidity, medium body

Drip filterLemon, Dates, Roasted Peanuts, Medium acidity, full body

Moka Pot / PercolatorButter, Milk Chocolate, Medium acidity, full body

EspressoPeanut Butter, Trail mix, Raisins, Low acidity, full body

AeropressDark Chocolate, Raisins, Medium acidity, full body, tangy aftertaste. 

Bili Hu Single Estate Coffee - Aghora Estate

Rs. 428.50