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Blackmonkey Coffee - Master Blend

Rs. 235.00

The Blackmonkey Coffee Co. are professional third-generation coffee farmers who are proud of their land and heritage and want to share their wealth with the world.

The family grow, pick, dry and roast the coffee themselves, and are master blenders. Based in the lush forests of Coorg in South India, they grow their coffee in expansive estates for as far as the eye can see. They produce 'single-origin coffees'; tree-to-cup, caring for the process along the way.

The beans are tirelessly handpicked, sun-dried, and passionately roasted to perfection. Their Arabica beans are some of the best in the world. A must-try for the coffee connoisseur.

They will only roast once you tell them to. So order your pack now and feel the freshness in every cup.

The "Master Blend" coffee range is delivered in packs of 200 gms.

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Blackmonkey Coffee - Master Blend

Rs. 235.00