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Rs. 76.00

Satvyk’s Natural and Herbal Brahmi Powder is made from fresh plants by using the traditional method of Stone-Grinding. Bramhi in Ayurveda is known as a brain tonic.

Brahmi is excellent for improving your brain functions and strengthening your memory. Brahmi has a cooling property that keeps the mind calm and free of anxiety.

Relieve yourself with these Powders and let them take care of your skin, hair, heart, and overall health with their high nutrients.

Consumption of Natural Ayurvedic powders first thing in the morning will keep you fresh as a daisy. So treat yourself to this delightful inexpensive superfood. Leaves are sun-dried before crushing into powder. They are completely free of Chemicals.


  • Daily consumption of such Ayurvedic Powders helps in maintaining body weight, blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels.
  • For best effect, it is recommended to have first thing in the morning, empty stomach with lukewarm water.
  • If on medication, it is advised to consult Nutritionist.
  • Direct-from-Farms!
  • Say hi to Good Health with Satvyk’s finest quality Ayurvedic Powders

Weight: 100gm


Rs. 76.00