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Feels Like Space

Rs. 784.00

Ideal Choice to Re-Frame your Walls & Conscious Vibrations.

This Wall Painting is a Gloss High Definition print, framed in 100% Natural Wood and strong break-resistant acrylic Glass. This Artwork is ready to hang wall painting for Home Decor & Office Decor

Paper: We use a 300 Gsm Thick Recycled Paper (Bleached). These Papers are bleached with potato, which is a natural bleach & also biodegradable.

Ink: The ink that we use here at Thutto is 100% Organic Arabic Ink.

The process of designing is long. Sometimes it can take up to a few months. 
Once the Art is designed, the Artwork is printed and then framed in a Handmade Wooden Frame.
Our wall paintings make ideal home decor for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, children's room.

Size: 23 x 31 x 4 cm

 Features & details-

  • Natural wood, strong and clear acrylic glass.
  • Long Life High Definition Print.
  • Recycled Paper bleached with potato used for Posters.
  • Frame Color: Black & White. Both Available.
  • Hand Crafted with Love
  • 100% Organic, Biodegradable & Sustainable.
  • Arabic Natural Ink used (made out of Vegetables & Flowers)

The handmade Wooden Frame is made from up-cycled wood with non-toxic & Natural Paper & Paint and it's totally Biodegradable & Vegan.

Feels Like Space

Rs. 784.00