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Herbal Shikakai Powder

Rs. 94.00

Shikakai Powder is a herbal powder that cleanses, nourishes the hair, and maintains the moisture level of the hair.


  • Shikakai is known to treat hair-related problems for ages.
  • The anti-bacterial properties of Shikakai help in fighting dandruff and reducing hair fall.
  • Does Wonders to Hair smoothness and shine.
  • Hair Growth: The Ayurveda home remedy of Shikakai supporting hair growth has been coming down through ages.


Hairwash & Conditioner: Shikakai has been used in India for ages as a natural hair wash and conditioner. Shikakai powder when mixed with henna powder and yogurt adds sheen to your hair and also supports hair growth.
Cleanser: It acts as a hair cleanser. Although it does not work up a rich lather, it cleans your hair effectively without any harsh effects on the hair or scalp.
Heals Wounds: When Shikakai paste mixed with turmeric paste is applied to cuts and bruises, it gets cured.
Anti-oxidants: The anti-oxidants help repair damaged hair and prevent split ends. It also stops hair from getting brittle and coarse.
Controls Hair Fall: The vitamins and anti-oxidants support curbing hair loss and as a result, cures balding too.

Directions to Use:-
Wet your hair and scalp, make a paste of the TRH Shikakai Powder, and apply this to your hair and scalp. Gently massage it on your head, leave it on your hair for a few minutes. Rinse off all the powder thoroughly.

Weight: 100 gms

Herbal Shikakai Powder

Rs. 94.00