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Forest Post

Honeysuckle with Tulsi – Beeswax Soap

Rs. 152.00

Seasonal. Ethical. Handmade.

One of our exotic creations in a moisturizing base of coconut oil and forest beeswax, this soap is enhanced with anti-oxidant, flavonoid-rich honeysuckle oil, and energizing tea tree oil. In a stress-filled world, allow your skin this calm and protection.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Beeswax, Lye, Essential oils of honeysuckle and tea tree oil, Tulsi leaves.

Forest Post is committed to forest conservation. Beeswax is sourced from local forests and our soaps are handmade in small batches by women in Karikkadav Village, Kerala.

No Sulphates. No Phthalates. No Parabens. No Palm Oil.

Weight: 118 gms

Honeysuckle with Tulsi – Beeswax Soap

Rs. 152.00