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Mayin By Radhika C

Keychains by - Mayin By Radhika C

Rs. 840.00

Hand Braided Various Pattern Keychains

The Mandala is handwoven using the 'God's eye' or 'Ojo De Dios' weaving technique.

The center of the Mandala acts as a representation of each person's journey towards knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment.

In Huichol culture, the center or the ‘Eye’ represents our ability to see and understand that which cannot be visibly seen.

Each product is hand made with focused love and care and sent to you in a gift box with stone description cards.

The keychain can also be removed from the ring and be worn as a pendant.

Keychain Length: 6.8 Inches

Pendant Size: 2 Inches wide

Mandala Frame: Stainless Steel

Keyring: Stainless Steel

Keychains by - Mayin By Radhika C

Rs. 840.00