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Sacred Space


Rs. 150.00

Sacred space brings to you our new exclusive product, "Cow dung diyas”. It is an eco-friendly Diya that is born in nature and goes back to nature, leaving behind a better and greener planet.

During this festival when "Cow dung diyas” will be lighting your homes, it will be not just your homes but many more underprivileged homes in which these diyas are made. The diyas are artistically handcrafted by small farmer communities originating from remote villages These are not the traditional diyas made from mud but they are made from cow dung and ghee. Scented wax along with a wick fills the diya which fuels the burning.

Making: Made from cow dung and ghee. After dried cow dung is blended with ghee and processed into a thick paste, they are shaped into a diya.

Fertilizer: When the diya extinguishes, it leaves itself black and fragile. These ashes have proven to be a highly effective fertilizer

Provides Purity: As diya illuminates your doors, windows, and verandahs, your home will be a gateway to immense purity, abundant positive vibes and will provide relief from reverberating negative energies within yourself and your environment.

Repellent: Cow dung acts as an excellent mosquito/fly repellent and even vanishes pathogenic bacteria.

Sold as: Pack of 6


Rs. 150.00