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Cure By Design


Rs. 223.00

Surfing the crimson wave? Ease your pain and anxiety this monthly cycle with a whiff of our special essential oil!

Introducing our very exclusive Aromatherapy body oil- PMSCAPE, with the holistic healing blend of Lavender oil, Clary Sage oil, Thyme oil, Frankincense Oil, and Hemp Seed oil, specially curated by Cure By Design.

It helps relieve PMS symptoms such as anxiety, depression, pain & bloating, and combats menopause, excessive pain, excessive bleeding, irregular cycles, abdominal pain, itching, irritability, and even mood swings!

Gently apply the oil and massage your abdomen or back to ease your agonizing period pain and elevate your mood instantly!

Net Content: 10 ML & 30 ML

Since it has been mixed with a carrier oil, it cannot be used in a diffuser.


Rs. 223.00