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Sichuan Pepper Chilli Oil

Rs. 267.00

The Authentic ‘Chinese Chilli Oil', an explosion of Spicy Flavor.

Our chili oil is made from neutral-tasting vegetable oil that has been infused with Sichuan peppercorns, chili peppers, onions, sesame & our secret 5 spice mix. This oil can give the distinct hotness and spiciness of red chili pepper to any kind of food, especially for stir-fried or deep-fried dishes.

It is used as a healthy dip for veggies and dim sum. Spice up your favorite pasta, salads, soups, & anything else that could use some spice.

Packaged in an airtight bottle.

Shelf life - 6 months. 

Available on *Made on order* only 

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Sichuan Pepper Chilli Oil

Rs. 267.00